I just got an email in my inbox from ABOVE with video and photos from his last stop in Berlin, Germany. It said he appreciated the support of my blog and sent me the vid and images before other blogs. Shout out to ABOVE…

I’ll be the first to tell you (and those who have unfortunately met me) that I have some serious addition “problems.” Dealing with addiction is not always easy. Being honest with oneself and to not be in denial about such problematic issues is the first step to recovery.

I must admit now that I am addicted to traveling and painting! I just can’t stop doing each and when I try to stop for small amounts of time I go even crazier than I already am diagnosed with. This piece was more of a personal tribute and way of dealing with this addition. It’s a honest reflection of what matters to me in my life and why I live each day. There is no better feeling in the world to me than going to a new city and painting a fresh wall! Enjoy the site specific stencil, and have a good laugh.

I keep finding stuff of his here in Paris and have trained others to spot his work.
One of my all time faves. Dude just does some of the freshest shit, in the freshest places.
Traveling the world making art.

Living the dream. I can relate…