This is just kind of genius.
An absurd amount of time went into this.
200+ hours. I would of thought it was more.
All for 16 pages of (beautiful) infographics.

From Cool Hunting:

Earlier today infographic designer Nicholas Felton released his fifth annual report, the culmination of yet another year’s worth of data accretion and (according to his Facebook status) well over 200 hours of labor. With The 2009 Feltron Annual Report, Felton stepped up his game a sizable notch by creating his first ever crowd-sourced report, enlisting the help of relatives, friends, colleagues and even his dentist.

Calling daily on the people he met who he felt “had discerned enough of my personality and activities” to submit a record of the encounter through an online survey, the designer tracked responses and used his own subjective analysis to come up with the data set. While Felton acknowledges the variations in accuracy his methods produce, he exlpains that he “strived to sort and collate the data in a clinical and repeatable manner that could be reproduced by someone looking for the same stories I have selected.?”