So a few weeks ago, Kanye Tweeted his “banned” album cover for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

I half pay attention, but I don’t know if it was “banned” as much as “rejected.” Apparently he is releasing 5 different covers. I am hoping to pick up the “banned” version while I am out of the country, if it isn’t released there.

iTunes just released the cover that will come with the album if you purchase it through them.

Apparently the physical version will be this, featuring the ballerina from the Runaway video:

It’s from a painting in the mini-(yet epic)-movie for Runaway.
If you ever doubted Kanye was on some next level shit, pushes boundaries and rises both above and out of the box…

He premiered this in London and then Paris. If I had known where I would of tried to peep the media circus that surely surrounded the event.