Paris Bucketlist, Tuesday: Père Lachaise Cemetery and Le Café Tournon

So the deal was when I came to Paris I wasn’t in a huge rush to do all the usual tourist things. Not that I didn’t want to hit the museums and galleries, I just knew I had time, so I didn’t have to try and fit it all in the first week. Fast forward 9 months… Throw in booking tickets to head back to Philly on March 2nd, and suddenly I have my Paris Bucketlist of the things I want to do before I leave. It sort of kicked off the other day when I made it to see the Jean Rustin exhibit.

Today I wanted to knock two things out. Someone recently mentioned the Père Lachaise Cemetery where Jim Morrison was buried. I can’t say that he was a big draw, but when I read about the cemetery and who else was buried there, I definitely want to hit it.  Turns out it walking distance from my flat. There was a break in the gray and clouds today, so I shot over there.

I got there and was blown away. The first thing I saw was a black cat sitting on top of one of the tombs. And I just wasn’t prepared for the vast sea of concrete and stone that comprised this graveyard. It stretched what seemed like forever, in every direction. Plus, they were just packed, crammed together, from simple tombs to mausoleums. From simple to complex. And what was great was that there were all different styles, from traditional to stone totem poles, to modern. I just wandered and wandered.

Black cat

Orson Welles grave

Chair headstone?

Trees. In the plot.



Chopin grave

The other place on my to-do list today was Le Café Tournon. I had mentioned it in another post about The Paris Review a while ago. It was the hangout and unofficial office for the original staff.

After the cemetery I shot over there to grab a cafe and work on JUMP Magazine stuff for George. A little editing of the layout, and work on the piece I submitted. (Aka: fuck wordcounts.)

Tomorrow’s list?
The Louvre.