The Selby

The Selby is one of my favorite “design/peek into other people’s lives and personal spaces” sites. The premise is pretty simple.

The Selby is an home interior blog, created by Todd Selby in June 2008. The site began as a project for Todd, who would post photo shoots that he completed of his friends inside their homes. The site rapidly became popular with viewers requesting that their homes be photographed by Todd for ‘The Selby’. Within months, the site reached 35,000 unique visitors per day. Todd Selby was approached by companies all over the world who wanted to collaborate with him.

The idea behind the website is to go into creative people’s homes and try to tell a story behind the things that they collect. Todd said he finds fashion designers, artists and creative people the most interesting and likes to photograph them the most. He prefers a maximalist approach to interiors. Todd Selby started as a photographer in 2001 and began his career by producing portraiture for magazines. One of the first photographs he completed within a person’s home was Tom Wolfe. He has also photographed head designer of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. It is believed that the success of his blog is due to the intimacy he captures between the subject and the audience.

They recently put up their favorite pics of 2010 and this photo from Karl Lagerfeld’s home gave me a booklover’s boner: