The Wire

So it’s kind of a shame that I had never seen The Wire. I owned a rap magazine and never saw it. The cast came to a few parties we had thrown in NYC and I was clueless.

Someone: “Yo, Bodie, Snoop and Stringer are here.”
Me: “Who?”

I finally watched the whole thing over here in Paris.
I can’t think of any show that was as brilliant, well crafted and true to real life without glamorization as The Wire. The way they tackled issues, from all the relevant angles… Unparalleled.

This week the creator and head writer of the show, David Simon, won a 2010 MacArthur Fellowship, which basically calls him a genius and because of so, awards him a half milli to do what he wants with.

And then a few days ago, I came across what I think is gold.
It’s a .pdf of the 79 pages Simon used to hook HBO.
The Wire pitch

How great is that?

I also came across the .pdf of an article about The Wire from The Fader of interviews of Simon and some of the cast that’s pretty interesting as well. I remember reading how the show was written by them renting out a floor of a hotel, each writer having a room, giving the different writers an ep to write, they go into seclusion, bang it out, come back and they weave it all together. Simon alludes to this a little in this article.
The .pdf cuts off Snoop’s part, but you can read the four parts in entirety starting here.