Type Case

This was a piece created by Martin Bircher.

The installation “Type Case” is a low-resolution display with 125 rectangular pixels of different sizes. These are formed from the reflecting light of digitally controlled LEDs, embedded in each section of a European printers’ type case. Due to the standardized fragmentation of its compartments, the density of visual information is decreased towards the objects’ centre. Viewed close by, it is nearly impossible to recognize more than a flicker – however after moving some distance away, it becomes distinguishable, that the lights and shadows give a representation of the latest headlines.

For some reason, I like art that you need to move away from to see. Anything where too up close you miss the big picture, but if you step back you can see what is going on. Must be related to appreciation of distance/perspective to see things properly. It took me a few times of playing the video to read the message, and again I like art that makes me work a little, but then delivers.

And of course you know I like the behind the scenes/installation/magic curtain stuff: