My favorite sponsee Rob gave me a free Sony E-Reader at my homegroup anny last night. (You see why he is my favorite, right?) I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I’m psyched to see what I think about it. I have a natural aversion to them, but I also like gadgets. We will see what wins.


I came across this post today too. While I commented on it over there, I will repeat myself over here.

Interesting stuff to think about.
As someone who has been a witness to the implosion of the music industry, labels, and therefore quality of music, part of this excites me while part of this frightens me. Not to say both industries are completely parallel but I have seen a drastic nosedive in quality of work because with endless space, the possibility of endless revisions and self publishing becoming the norm, the usual constraints and filters that weeded out the trash are then gone too. I wonder if this will follow with the book publishing world as well.