That new new

I try and support local and independent businesses when and where I can.

I recently copped a few dope items that I thought were share-worthy.

1.) BAUHAUS: Titanium Keychain / Key Carabiner


I had never pledged to a Kickstarter camaign before. I had wanted a new keychain and had been looking for a while, but couldn’t seem to find anything I really liked. Something that was well made, well designed and nice if you noticed it but not flashy. (Clearly I am picky about my keychains. Although, the shark bottle-opener I had been using may not of conveyed that…)

I pledged back in April(?) and only received it a few weeks ago. Usually I considered ordering something online delayed gratification, but this was ridiculous. Or so I thought. What I realized was that I hadn’t exactly bought something straight away, but invested in someone. That mentality shift helped, and also got me through the series of delays and pushbacks the owner experienced. Plus, his original goal was $10,000 and he raised nearly $215,000. A luxury problem for sure, but clearly not anything he likely, remotely anticipated.

I was impatient. He was uncompromising. I couldn’t blame him. He regularly updated backers, so it was a matter of waiting. When it arrived, I was more than pleased.


2.) Poler Rucksack


The other day I was at Phoebe’s BBQ and noticed a new store across the street. I wandered into Fireside Camp Supply and lo and behold, they had Poler stuff, which I had just been looking at/drooling over the night before online. I went in for a hat and came out with a mug and bag. I ain’t mad at that. The bag is so well made. Will fit my new MacBook Air, two detachable side bags and heavy duty clips.

They have great stuff in there and the owner is unbelievably sweet and helpful. What surprised me though were the prices. I thought the mark-up would be significant, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it was what I found online. Plus, that sweet and helpful owner told me if there was something I wanted they didn’t have, she would order it for me.

*Every 2nd Wednesday= Free BYOB cookout 6-8pm (Last one for the season is tonight)
*Every 1st Friday = Free “S’more-gasbord” around a campfire 6-8pm


3.) The Head and the Hand- Community Supported Publishing


I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled across the craft publishing house on Frankford Avenue, but I am glad I did.

The goal of The Head & The Hand Press is to create equitable relationships between authors and the tools they need to craft a book, while being intentional about the work we produce and the people who are producing it.

We are doing this by: almanacs, work shop memberships, craft publishing, Worksteady Story Salon and Community Supported Publishing.

In addition to publishing books and chapbooks, they have a community workspace, their staff and editors are unbelievably accessible. They hold brown bag lunches on Fridays at their office, where you sit, eat and talk with them and other writers. Great idea. And they think outside of the box. One example is their CSP program which is a another brilliant idea. I signed up and after the recent harvest, received my bounty which consisted of a t-shirt, three books and two chapbooks.

Another great idea is to distribute chapbooks they produce at coffee shops via vending machines. Hopefully, I will have more on that later…

And not to conflict with the last Fireside Camp Supply cookout of the season, but the Head and the Hand is celebrating their birthday tonight with a party at their workspace.

If you are remotely interested in any or all of these, I would highly vouch for them.*




*Not that that means anything…