The Bat Segundo Show


As someone who has done a bunch of interviews, I always try to go for good questions. Not the same 20 questions that have been asked and re-tread in a thousand other interviews someone has done. As someone who also loves to read and is eternally fascinated with artist’s creative the process (almost more-so than the product) but is completely turned off by high-brow, self absorbed, intellectual babble, I think Bat Segundo is perfect. The show consists of extremely well researched, astute and insightful interviews by Edward Champion.

The Bat Segundo Show is a cultural and literary podcast that involves very thorough long-form interviews with contemporary authors and other assorted artists.

I stumbled across it when looking for interviews with WTV (here and here), and now I am pouring through the catalog of podcasts. The selection of people is amazing. It sounds like the interviews take place in a cafe, and there is great ambient (but not distracting) background noise. Champion knows not only who he is interviewing inside and out, but their body of work as well, so he is able to ask pointed questions.

Standard questions that have been asked of guests over and over are avoided, whenever possible.

Not only is this appreciated by the listener, but many of his guests seem surprised (I’m sure after suffering a litany of boring interviews) as well. Champion is also not afraid to ask tougher questions, or try and elicit an answer if the guest seems squirrely. Not that he is trying to blindside them or it is in an aggressive manner, but it certainly is not only softball questions either. All of which make for an interesting interview, as opposed to simply an interview. Not only is this the aim or sound like a nice blurb on his About page, but Champion succeeds with an extensive collection of interviews. I often find myself googling his guests, so it’s a great way to also find new authors and new books.

There’s a lot to take away from Champion’s interviews. Not only about his subjects, but stylistically how to do a great interview, and the result.

Ed also does a companion blog that is full of jewels too.