Through the years, I have had an opportunity to cover many types of stories for varied outlets and a broad range of topics and subjects.


     Lucha libre is a freak show, but it’s an inclusive freak show, starring women, old guys, and gay guys—yes, the sport features gay crossdressers known as exóticos.


    We have all seen them before. We may not be able to recall offhand exactly where it was; maybe it was at one of those gas stations along a rural route outside of the city, or inconspicuously placed outside a Wal-Mart or corner-store in the neighborhood. Little thought is usually given to it until after a cleaning of the closets and the realization you have too many clothes, they don’t fit, they went out of fashion, or simply are taking up too much space. You know that someone can make good use of them, so why not be charitable and donate what you no longer want or need? That’s when you start to rack your brain. Where exactly did I see all those used clothing donation bins?


    It wasn’t the buzzer sounding at the end of the fourth quarter in the 2006 Philadelphia Public League championship that signaled the game had concluded. It was over at the first tip-off that started the game.

The Simon Gratz Bulldogs came out of the gate firing, going up 14 to 4 over the Communications Technology Phoenix. At halftime Gratz was ahead by 9 points, and began the second half scoring the first 12 points. The final score was Simon Gratz 62, Communications Technology 36. Gratz set three records for a championship game which have not been broken. Biggest point differential (26 points), lowest amount of points allowed (36), and best field goal percentage, having only missed 8 shots all game.

It was the culmination of an already successful season, having gone 24 and 5, with no league losses or any losses at home. The team had demonstrated their success on the court, but in a city where less then half of those who graduated from high school went on to college in 2011, the real test was yet to come.


    John Murtha’s three and a half decades of service as a Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives have not come without controversy. His 35 years of service to the people of  the 12th District of southeastern Pennsylvania in the House has earned Murtha various positions and distinctions.

As the first Vietnam combat veteran elected to the House, he currently serves on the Appropriations Committee and chairs its subcommittee on defense. But a mere six years into his tenure, Murtha became embroiled in the first of several controversies that would cause some to wonder where this public servant’s allegiance lies.


   “I’m against mixtapes. I’m an anti-mixtape dude… So fuck y’all, fuck mixtape DJs.” That wasn’t how the interview with Lil Wayne was supposed to go, but that’s how it went.

Then he picked up the magazines off the pool table and shoved them at me. As he took another hit off the spliff of some clearly high-potent weed, I packed up my gear and Lil Wayne’s publicist escorted me out of the game room of the legendary Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta as his manager, crew and bodyguards looked on.