Billy Wolf

One of the most surprising things about this blog is that Billy actually likes it. When he told me he liked it, I was positive he was fucking with me. Unless it’s MILF porn or his first person military shooter game, I didn’t think Billy liked knew anything else existed online.

So this post is for Billy.

Hi bud.

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And here’s his very on-point letter to the City Paper printed a few weeks ago:

Dear Philly Fringe …

I’ve been going to the Fringe Festival for more years than I can remember and even volunteered one year to help out. I remember the days when my crew would do 10 to 15 shows a festival. Most were less than spectacular but there were always a few gems in the mix. You could just never tell in advance where the sleeper was. Last Friday I went to buy three tickets online for a one-hour performance, only to find that the tickets were $30 each. I was further shocked when I saw that all of the “Live Arts” shows were $25-$30. Now, please, save the whole Live Arts-Philly Fringe distinction crap. The whole point of this was to provide a platform where artists who could get no other venue (i.e., “iffy artists”) could perform and also to give Philly a greater cultural reach with acts outside of our area. But $30 for a one-hour show?! Honey, if you were that good you’d be on Broadway, not Broad Street. In years gone by, it would be no problem to go to a show and if it wasn’t good just go to the next one. That was the greatness of the festival. I have to say, if I spent $90 and it was some experimental test run of somebody’s vision that didn’t work out, I would have been pissed. This commercialization of the festival makes it financially impossible to really take risks on what you see and that, I believe, was the whole point. They might be planting the seeds of their destruction because my friends and I are boycotting all Live Arts shows and this is not the first year we haven’t been pleased.

Missing the old Fringe!
Billy Wolf