I said to someone the other day that as an addict, I am constantly worried about running out of anything I like. It’s reassuring to know I have an endless supply of books on my list to read that I might not ever get to.
I can’t ever run out.

Here’s what I just finished, just started and want to start.


I bought this because it was written by Dave Eggers, the founder of McSweeny’s, which I generally like and turn to for lit related stuff. Plus the whole Katrina angle interested me. But the book fucking bored me. I was extremely monotone. I didn’t think there was any change in the pitch and the angle of a Muslim facing illegal and Unconstitutional treatment post 9/11 in the middle of a catastrophe is trite. I only finished it because it was a quick and easy read.

What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures

Malcolm Gladwell‘s other books, but this one is different. While the others are almost books on theory and interactions/relationships/processing, What the Dog Saw is a collection of Gladwell’s pieces from The New Yorker. And it’s amazing. From stylistically to content wise, it’s hands down awesome. From making completely banal subjects intersting to making interesting subjects even more fascinating, while delivering information in a stylized way, it’s great. It’s only out in hardcover right now, but when it hits paperback I will definitely be copping it. I use books like this almost for reference and inspiration.
*Edit: One guess who spoke at UPenn today. One more guess who didn’t know/go.

I picked this up after having read something about it online. I can’t think of another book, especially about business/branding, that I felt compelled to go out and buy in hardcover the day it came out. But reading what I did about it (here, here, here, here and a post by author Seth Godin here) and having a $25 Border’s gift card, I splurged. I started it tonight and I’m psyched to read the rest. It kind of summed up my thoughts and what I have managed to do in many jobs I have had over the years. To find this niche role where I’m not necessarily trying to shoot up a corporate ladder, but find a void and make myself useful. Not what I am doing as useful, but make myself useful. It looks like Godin cohesively puts it all together.

The Believer Book of Writers Talking to Writers

I bought this at the same time I picked up this. If you pay any attention to my blog or bookshelf, I am mildly obsessed with the creative process and own many books on writers talking about their process and writing. Can’t wait to get into it.

I love me some books.