For a billion dollars would you…?

I was at Java Company the other day with Matt and Brian, and we ended up in a conversation we have kicked around many times before. It’s a game called, “What would you do for X amount of dollars?” Or the remix, “Would you ____ for X amount of dollars?” After a few rounds, I threw out there this challenge:

Would you eat a dead person for 1 BILLION dollars?

(FYI: This is what a billion dollars in $100 bills looks like.)

Since I was the one that set the gauntlet, I got to make the rules.
Here they are:

  • The body must be consumed in it’s entirety.
  • It must be eaten raw. It can not be cooked.
  • You can vomit, but the mouthful must go down before it comes back up.
  • There is no time limit, BUT nothing else can be eaten until the whole body has been eaten. So the meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner would only consist of the cadaver. It can’t be eaten in combination with any other food.
  • You can choose if it is a male or female, but has to be an adult of normal stature. (I already had to rule out midgets.)
  • You would be paid the lump sum, in cash, if completed.

So does it sound incredibly easy? Or impossibly hard? Just think about it…