Fun with zip codes

Bet you don’t stumble across a headline like that too often.
I thought this was pretty interesting.

You really should read the full explanation and details of Robert Kosara’s ZIPScribble project, but basically he got the idea from looking at Ben Fry’s zipdecode. Kosara asked himself:

What would happen if you were to connect all the ZIP codes in the US in ascending order? Is there a system behind the assignment of ZIP codes? Are they organized in a grid

As smart people (read: programmers) are able to do, they developed something to dump data in, get an answer out.

Here are more ZIPScribble maps.

Also intersting was the Traveling Presidential Candidate map. It doesn’t say which candidate or how or where the information was collected, but intersting nonetheless.

And for all you real n3rds, he answers the difference in mileage between the ZIPScribble map and Traveling Presidential Candidate map here.