Ghostface in the NYT

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Shift of Gears, Looking Back and Ahead

Q: What about some of the newer soul artists you’re a fan of, like Raphael Saadiq and Mayer Hawthorne?

GHOSTFACE: Hawthorne, I met him on the road one time. He wants to link up in the future and do some music. He’s crazy. His music is fire. He got a lot of soul, a lot of Motown soul. The production and how he sings, it sounds like he could’ve been like Smokey Robinson. You would think he was a black guy, to have the soul that he’s bringing to the table like that, but to find out no, it’s even more incredible. It’s like, where’d you get that from? And it sounds dirty too. Back in the day, the music sounded a little bit more warmer and rougher and dirtylike.