Gilbere Forte’

I have been listening to Gilbere Forte’ for a minute, and like him more and more.

Plus, dude calls Philly home. So you know I have to wave the flag.

His new mixtape with Don Canon, Eyes of Veritas, comes out dropped on February 8th. Judging by some of the producers (Don Cannon, Bink!, Lex Luger, Boi-1da) and the two tracks already released, best believe this will be in rotation.

Gilbere Forte’ – Born In ’87 by gilbereforte

Gilbere Forte’ – Train Lights by gilbereforte

Here’s a good interview with Gilbere and the guys over at The Smoking Section: TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes with Gilbere Forte

Here is some other stuff too.

His first mixtape, 87 Dreams:

Download 87 Dreams

Video from the release party in Philly:

Video for 1st Floor, over The Freelance Whales’ song ‘Generator.’
This one is so good…