Hip-hop + Health Care =

SOHH’s coverage.

Since President Obama has made heath care reform a priority in the United States SOHH decided to check in with your favorite rapper’s to find out how they feel about doctors, insurance companies and the medical system as a whole.

It’s crazy to me why this isn’t getting more coverage in the blogosphere. Hip-hop is more well known for talking about problems than talking about solutions. SOHH has taken more than a cursory, perfunctory glance at the issue, investing real time and effort in a subject that should be on everyone’s lips. This isn’t just an issue for the Anglo middle-class. Many times, the reality is that what government on a Federal is doing will not effect the day to day activities of most Americans. Yet people focus on the Federal government, while ignoring their local government. How many people come out to vote for national elections, but don’t participate in politics at a local level? The numbers overwhelming show a disproportionate amount come out for the Presidential elections and not much else.

Here, SOHH put together videos and informatio trying to initiate conversation on the subject. Everyone from Raekwon, Lil Boosie, Playaz Circle, Warren G, DJ Webstar and others whose health has been in the news as of late recently, are all assembled here. I applaud them. Good looking out.