Move Your Money

Well, this kind of hits home, doesn’t it?

The philosophy is pretty simple. People got screwed and are getting screwed but the large banks. Smaller, community banks did not take advantage of their customers and have continued to make money available to their customers. It is something the big banks aren’t doing, perpetuating financial and economic problems, while they continue to pay themselves off.

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The idea seems sound. But something also doesn’t quite seem right either.
No one, or no company, claims ownership of the site. Also, the site has a device to find your neighborhood community banks with a “B” or higher rating, but it doesn’t say who issues the grade or the criteria for receiving a grade. The company that offers the service is Institutional Risk Analytics, a unit of Lord, Whalen LLC. Their site seems a little amateurish and finding or figuring out exactly who they (Institutional Risk Analytics or Lord, Whalen LLC)  are and what they might do is a little nebulous. The closest I could come was “Management Consulting Services” for Lord, Whalen LLC. I just wonder the relationship between the sites/companies.

I emailed and and am awaiting a response. I will post anything I get here.

Christopher Whalen from Institutional Risk Analysis responds:

Dear Chris:

Thank you for requesting information about our bank ratings and our participation in the “Move Your Money” effort sponsored by the Huffington Post and Roosevelt Institute.  The Move Your Money campaign is meant to provide people a one-click option to find local, solvent community banks.  IRA has donated its Bank Stress Index ratings content free of charge to the Move Your Money portal.  The zip code lookup tool shows FDIC-insured banks with at least a “B” rating from the IRA Bank Monitor’s stress index as of Q3 2009.

IRA publishes quarterly stress ratings for all FDIC-insured banks and thrifts.  We have two products designed to meet the bank safety and soundness monitoring needs of individuals, financial advisers, bankers and small businesses who want to be able to identify good banks and be able to monitor their performance on an ongoing basis and at an affordable price.   IRA also offers customized reports for specific institutions and other subscription and institutional advisory services.

IRA Bank Cart:  The consumer version of the IRA Bank Monitor enables you to purchase a $1,000 per year, all you can eat subscription that allows you to see all of the current summary bank profiles and ratings in The IRA Bank Monitor.  Users may also purchase subscriptions to single bank reports for $50 per year.  Click the link below to register and get more information about The IRA Bank Cart:

Each IRA Bank Report includes financial performance measures and IRA’s new safety and soundness letter ratings for each institution.  The subscription provides four quarters of financial performance for each bank using the same metrics contained in the professional version of The IRA Bank Monitor.  The reports are delivered into your shopping cart on and are displayed in HTML, allowing us to provide functionality such as charts and other displays.   A sample report is attached FYI.

IRA Bank Monitor:  The professional version of The IRA Bank Monitor is a unique financial analysis tool for all FDIC insured depository institutions.  The IRA Bank Monitor includes Stress Index ratings for all banks and BHCs, performance and Basel II risk factors, and Economic Capital benchmarks.  The system display includes bank units as well as a “bank only” rollup of holding companies.  Single seat, internal use only licenses are $10,000 per year for the web version of the IRA Bank Monitor.  Enterprises licenses and customized implementations of the IRA Bank Monitor are also available via our web services model.

For institutional investors, we also offer the IRA Advisory Service for detailed monitoring of the financial performance of financial institutions.  To request a demo and/or trial to professional version of The IRA Bank Monitor or Advisory Service, please register on our professional web site:

Please let me know if you have any questions about any of our services.

Christopher Whalen
Managing Director
Institutional Risk Analytics
Office: 1-914-827-9272
Mobile: 1-914-645-5304

Edit, Part 2:
Dennis Santiago from Institutional Risk Analytics responds:

Thank you for your email.   IRA is a supplier of bank risk and stress information to the professional finance and banking industry.  We also have contracts with government agencies.  The Huffington Post contacted us just before Christmas and asked if we would consider donating some of our subject matter expertise to an initiative literally dream.  We elected to do so.  Please contact the HP about the site itself and the video.   All we did was contribute the zip code tool.

The archaic look of our site is because most of our product delivery is corporate work terminal and cloud components fitted into other people’s systems oriented.  Most professional systems are in fact rather dull looking.

Dennis Santiago

Chief Executive Officer
Institutional Risk Analytics
371 Van Ness Way, Suite 110
Torrance, California 90501
t. 310.676.3300
c. 310.918.6021
f. 310.943.1570