Obama + Japan = Hiroshima?

Maybe. But not this trip.

I was reading an article in the WaPo that I thought was pretty good. And about something I previously had not considered much. The fact that no sitting US President has ever visited Hiroshima or any of the places we decimated. On the one hand it makes sense, and on the other hand it doesn’t.

Whether or not Obama is going to has apparently been hot fodder and topics of national conversation in anticipation of his visit there today. Since the stop is so brief, 24 hours, it is not feasible this time but he has apparently acknowledged this is something he would be honored to do.

Apparently he has an 85% approval rating there (compared to Bush’s 25% one year ago) and with his posture of moving forward and ridding the world of nuclear weapopns, it has interesting implications. Coupled with his winning of the Nobel, and Hiroshima being a symbollic destination for many past winners.

On a nother note, the special correspondant of the WaPo piece, Akiko Yamamoto, is Japanese. It raises the interesting conversation about an ethnically indigenous reporter being able to fully understand the complexity and importance of such an issue. One that would likely go over many heads, including my own.

Also, Yamamoto points out and draws the parallel if a sitting Japanese prime minister were to visit Pearl Harbor, which has never happened.