Objectum Sexuality

So today starts with this being emailed around the office. It’s reminiscent of one of my (surprisingly) favorite movies of 2007, Lars and the Real Girl.

And then we start talking about what exactly this phenomena is, which is objectum sexuality.

Objectum sexuality commonly referred to as OS, is a pronounced emotional desire towards particular inanimate objects.

So I was doing reading online and there’s people who have been in relationships with everything from fans, handrails, the Eiffel Tower and this woman, who created a website about her relationship and marriage to the Berlin Wall.

One thing working in the business I do, is that I try not to judge what people are attracted to. “Different strokes for different folks,” kind of thing. But this just gets insanely weird when you get a look at Amy Wolfe and her relationship with an amusement park ride.

Try and pick a part of that video that you find the most weird and let me know why.
Mine might be the part where she’s singing while watching video of the ride. But a few parts when she actually visits 1001 Nachts at Knoebels Amusement Resort, located right here in Pennsylvania, gets pretty disturbing as well.

She estimates she has ridden “him” over 3,000 times since she first fell in love at 13 years old. She rides him 30 times per visit and is so familiar with the staff, they let her ride 1001 (as she calls him) even when they are closed.

While her attraction isn’t only sexual, certainly a part of it is.

“I use photos of 1001 to help me in private. We could never have sex where he lives because it’s public and it would be indecent.”

Now apparently, she was also at one time in a relationship with the World Trade Center. Being equally genuine and sarcastic, that must have been a horrific ending to that relationship. I can’t imagine if terrorists hijacked planes and flew them into my girlfriend.

I’m sort of at a loss for words, in general and how to end this post…