Rae's OB4CL2 Release Party recap…

So last Thursday I headed up to NYC with Gas. Apart from his fugazi GPS system that took through Brooklyn and on the BQU despite S.O.B.’s being right on the other side of the tunnel, we got there and didn’t miss anything.

Kinda bummed that we were supposed to get a free copy of the album, but apparently it was for people who had copped tickets after the price went up. Oh well.

A few opening acts. Yawn…

11:30 and with Scram Jones on the turntables, Rae took the stage. No Ghost, Lyfe Jennings, Wyclef and Kool Herc took the stage at different times, but this was Rae’s show and Rae’s house. And my man killed it. It was not like any other time I had seen him. Lucid, coherent, interacting with the crowd, full of personality, dude put on one hell of a show. Alternating between a few tracks off OB4CL and OB4CL2, it was a good mix of both. He even ran through full tracks off the first, doing all parts on records that featured Ghost and on Verbal Intercourse. The place was a sweatbox, but somehow I had goosebumps.

The bar was high on this one. Why set it so high when OB4CL created it’s own lane in rap. Plus 4.5 years in the making with the proverbial “dropping next year/quarter” shenanigans for a minute, people wanted needed this to be good. Really fucking good. And the album does not disappoint. From seeing so many of our rap-superheroes lose their shine, luster, ability to relate, ability to recreate that excitement, somefuckinghow, Raekwon pulled it off.

Granted it’s not that he created a new lane again, but the raps, rhymes, stories and schemes sound and feel like vintage Raekwon. The album is brilliant, filled with amazing production that seem to mesh with Rae’s voice and style well, as opposed to simply grabbing who is hot, regardless of the coherency, and trying to force it to work.

Despite Gas’ incredibly fucked up, twisted pretzel logic, if you are, or were, a fan of Rae or early Wu, go BUY the album and support.

The show was one of my all time favorites. One of the best shows ever? Probably not, but just like there is a difference between my favorite rappers/ albums and what I think are the best rappers/albums, there is a difference between best/favorite shows, and this was certainly one of my favorites.