RIP iPhone (aka: I have no phone until Monday)

So my cell phone contract was up and I was deciding what to do.

Definite love/hate relationship with my iPhone. Things I love, things I hate. The new iPhone 4S just dropped, but the first gens are always wonky. Plus I didn’t know if I wanted to shell out $200. Since my contract was up (with AT&T) I did have the option of switching carriers. I browsed the other day, wasn’t sold on anything, and again, didn’t feel like departing with a chunk of cash. Then I saw this. Basically, through Amazon, if you switch to Verizon (my previous carrier) you can get any smartphone for $.01. And by any I don’t mean “any of the shitty ones.” And by a penny, I don’t mean, “plus $120 in fees. I hit up my cellphone n3rds and in unison the screamed BIONIC. So I ordered one this morning. It should be here Monday.

But then…

Immediately after ordering it, I stand up. I am a smart dude. I’m not forgetful. I don’t often lose or misplace things, but ever since a kid I have been plagued by forgetting when I put something in my lap and standing up. I have lost wallets, broken beepers (yes, beepers), and dropped money. I have some mental block. I even tell myself, “Don’t forget that’s there. You are probably going to lose/break/drop whatever it is.” And almost without certainty that is what happens.

So I order the cellphone, and stand up. My iPhone falls from my lap and with precision, lands screen down.

Sooooooooooooooo… The glass is shattered. There’s actually glass dust.
The soft whiteish/blueish glow in the first pic is all that I can see.
Meaning: no texts, can’t make calls, can’t answer calls.

If you need to get a hold of me until further notice, use email, FB, or smoke signals.