There's an app for that

As I said in a previous post, iPhones and Apple have pretty much been the focus of things as of late. And not only because of me buying one. Some people may already know what I am referring to, but there were a few recent postings that refer to what I haven’t explicitly said.

Conde Nast Launches IPhone Platform With GQ App


What lit mag McSweeney’s could teach news orgs about the iPhone

The Ad Age piece is exciting and hopeful because it seems like finally a publisher is figuring out how to make sense of and work with technology, instead of being so far behind (which they clearly already are) and are willing to be the first to make a move. Sometimes the decision makers seem to stand around talking about getting in the water, but that’s all they do is talk and no one wants to make a move until someone else jumps in to see if the water is cold or not. The fact that a media giant like Conde Nast is going for it, or at least going forward with it, is a good sign. Ignoring what is going on with iPhones is (more) business suicide. (Please see: the internet.)

When I got the iPhone and was looking fiending for apps, I saw the McSweeny’s app, and due to my app-ignorance, couldn’t understand why I didn’t see something like this for all magazines. I mean, it just makes sense right? Then I came across the above article and reading it, it sounds both logical and exciting. Both of these furthered by the fact there is talks going on between an unsaid magazine and iTunes which I didn’t have the details or understand in full, but it’s becoming much clearer. Stay tuned for more on that…

Understanding and developing with technology instead of fighting it, is a mandatory part of a successful business model in today’s day and age. And most companies are already starting from behind.