So I haven’t posted in a few days, which amazingly hasn’t been typical since I started this blog. A few whirlwind days of parties (Kelly and Ernie’s engagement party and Danny’s 20 year celebration), a ton of studying for class, couple of meetings, a bunch of porn, and me and Jill buying new iPhones. Good god those things are amazing and addictive. I know I am a little late to the party but I now see what all hype is about.

I had a Blackberry for years (in fact the same one for years, not even the same model but actually the same one which is incredible if you knew my track record and the restraining orders taken out on my at the Verizon store on Market Street. “Well, it says here we offered you a discount Mr. Malo, but apparently you threw a cellphone across the store at a wall and walked out…”) and I swore by it. I didn’t even have a camera on my phone, because I didn’t want one. But 2 years later and trying to centralize media devices, (along with my new Facebook account and it being the only website my job blocks)the 3Gs seemed like the way to go. So we did. Holy shit.

Funny part is the day I got it, I was at the two above mentioned parties, and managed to take zero pictures or video.


In any event, I will get back on my blogging game. In fact I just bought a domain and web hosting, so look for me to switch a few things up in the near future, but for the most part, back to our regularly scheduled programming.