First Amendment

I am taking a Journalism and the Law class this semester. George recommended the professor, and from what I have gathered he is the lesser of two evils. The woman who teaches the other section oof the class is supposed to be “difficult.” But I’m not overly impressed with my prof, which is disappointing.

He started the semester with the usual, “I’m very accessible, especially by email” speech, which I have not found to be the case at all. He also started the class by making us sign a contract (bullshit, especially since there was nothing in there about his responsibilities…) and fill out a form with our experience, to tailor certain parts. Despite me letting him know I own my own publication covering an illegal activity, having the threat of a libel suit and also working in the porn industry, he has shown zero interest.

Also, learning about the First Amendment has really interested me. The intricacies, the judges, the laws and lawsuits. In three emails I have asked for suggestions for further reading. Nothing.

Students aren’t the only ones that talk shit.

Here‘s a piece in the NYT about a case the Court will be hearing, surrounding the First Amendment and dog-fighting videos.

There’s been several articles and current events that are relevant to the class that usually I pass on. Not for ass-kissing purposes, but because I think they can add depth to the class because of the relevancy. I ain;t forwarding him shit.