Greg Mitchell fired as Editor of E&P

I realize this will mean very little to most anyone reading this,

Thursday, January 14, 2010

‘E&P’ Is Back — But I Am Out

Got call from new buyer of Editor & Publisher, Duncan McIntosh, who publishes Boating World magazine and Fish Rap News in Irvine, Ca., a couple of hours ago, telling me that I am out as editor after eight years (and 10 years with magazine). The great Joe “Scoop” Strupp also out — a truly great loss. One week ago in a meeting new owner told me flatly, “Extremely impressed with your great work and definitely will retain you.”

Much more later. My email remains: Phone: 845-353-1211. Thanks. — Greg Mitchell

The media that reports on the media is now owned by fisherman.
I guess everyone can now sleep together.