JUMP- Spring 2013, the Non-Music issue


I have posted about this before, but one of the projects I am involved with is JUMP magazine.

We love Philly, pure and simple. And we love music. We’re tired of watching our local talent run off to New York or London to be appreciated.

We’re here to blow up the music scene and shed light on all the amazing things that are happening here.

In our quarterly print magazine, we cover Philly bands, venues, studios, history, bouncers, stylists, producers, clubs, boutiques, restaurants, deejays, music shops, record stores, labels, promoters, artists and anything else that has a connection to music in the city.

We document all genres, from hip-hop and indie rock to classical, folk, jam bands, reggae, electronic, jazz and hardcore. We report on everything from street performers to the Philadelphia Orchestra.

We are musicians, journalists, students, photographers, artists and Philadelphians.

We are not part of a massive corporation. We are music-lovers. We go to concerts, dance in illegal basement venues, party at clubs, hang with other music-lovers and listen to lots of music. We are all a part of the Philly music scene in some way or another.

We doing the damn thing.

The Feast, March 29, 2011, “JUMP Philly Launches With a Bang,” by Piers Marchant.

A.V. Club, March 21, 2011, “News Net,”  by Emily Guendelsberger and James Scott.

Philadelphia Daily News, March 21, 2011, “New music mag hits the streets,” by Dan Gross.

Phawker, March 11, 2011, “Start the presses: new Philly music glossy debuts,” by Jonathan Valania.

Newsworks (WHYY), March 3, 2011, “Magazines bow in print, online,” by Peter Crimmins.

City Paper, January 19, 2011, “Icepack,” by AD Amorosi.

Phawker, January 12, 2011, “Media: a new music magazine grows in the 215,” by Jonathan Valania.

Much like the magazine I helped start, it’s been a fun, exciting, frustrating, roller coaster of a ride. We recently made some internal changes, bringing on a few new people and giving them some additional editorial responsibilities. In addition to me being the managing editor of the magazine, we are also joined by editors Nikki Volpicelli and Beth Ann Downey. Spreading out the responsibilities and burden is really good news.

Additionally, we are getting huge help from graphic designer Kate Bodnar. (The situation we similar to my other mag where we stumbled across someone, Shaun Baron, who was also generous with his time and skills and gave the magazine a HUGE boost visually.)

So to sum up, we made some internal changes, as well as visual changes, and the new issue looks and reads beautifully.

The theme is the Non-Music issue, the idea being to find out about musicians and artists and their lives away from music. It came together pretty solidly. (Extra shout-out to Jess Flynn who shot Dan Yemin from Paint it Black.)

I put together a playlist for some of the people that are featured in the issue.

The issue features Joe Hardcore, Southwork, Yusuf Muhammad, Klint Kanopka, Dan Yemin, Chaka Fattah, Beau Monde, Steph Pockets, Mean Streets, Illvibe Collective, True Gold, DJ Grandpa, Jonathan Low, Kyle “Slick” Johnson, Roof Doctor, Gearing Up, Ryshon Jones, Belgrade, Jackie Paper, Rainbow Destroyer, DRGN King, John “Heyward” Howkins, Laurin Talese, Nigel Richards, Dream Oven, Goldilocks Gallery, Ben Woodward, Eat The Turnbuckle and more.

If you are in the Philadelphia area, the issue will be on the streets next week and you can find a list of our distro spots here.

The magazine definitely has potential. There is an abundance of music and talent in the city. We continue to build readership, as well as the all-important relationships with advertisers. We also have some pretty amazing stuff in the pipeline over the next year. Not just content-wise.

If you are in the city and know anyone who should be covered, story ideas, are interested in writing or shooting photos, hit me up.