Justice: Delayed, Dismissed, Denied

I know I am not in the majority.
I intentionally have zero plans for New Year’s Eve.
And to make my life even simpler, the internet isn’t working at home.

I will spend my time re-reading this however.
(How you might ask? I have it printed out and on my iPhone.)

In this four part Philadelphia Inquirer series (Courts, Fear, Fugitives, Guns) Craig R. McCoy, Nancy Phillips, and Dylan Purcell address the failed court system and witness intimidation in Philadelphia.
Sad, fascinating, stunning, troublesome.
I am guessing few will spend the time to read it (I think it goes over the popular 140 character limit), which is too bad because it is worth it.

Interesting to also see what kind of multi-media packages newspapers are putting together to save their skin/fight off the inevitable. This one is kind of meh. Idea was good, but there’s some flaws in the execution.