Not that anyone reads magazines…

You should. Just most people don’t.
I had a video heavy posting day the other day and apparently today’s theme is documentaries. I will be posting about the one I watched last night a little later. But to break it up, I wanted to post this year’s ASME’s 2010 National Magazine Awards finalists.

I’m sure most of these can be found online.
(Aka: something to read while at my day job.)

Public Interest
The Boston Review
“A Death in Texas,” by Tom Barry

National Geographic
“Scraping Bottom,” by Robert Kunzig

The New Yorker
“The Cost Conundrum,” by Atul Gawande
June 1

San Francisco
“War of Values,” by Danielle Morton

Technology Review
“Dissent Made Safer,” by David Talbot

The Boston Globe Magazine
A two-part series by Neil Swidey
“Trapped,” August 9; “The Way Out,” August 16

The New York Times Magazine
“The Deadly Choices at Memorial,” by Sheri Fink
August 30

The New Yorker
“Eight Days,” by James B. Stewart
September 21

The New Yorker
“Trial by Fire,” by David Grann
September 7

Vanity Fair
A three-part series
“Madoff’s World,” by Mark Seal, April; “Hello, Madoff!” by Mark Seal and Eleanor Squillari, June; “Ruth’s World,” by Mark Seal, September

Feature Writing
“The Last Abortion Doctor,” by John H. Richardson

The New York Times Magazine
“The Holy Grail of the Unconscious,” by Sara Corbett
September 20

Texas Monthly
“Still Life,” by Skip Hollandsworth

Vanity Fair
“Wall Street on the Tundra,” by Michael Lewis

“Vanish,” by Evan Ratliff

Profile Writing
“The Man Who Never Was,” by Mike Sager

New York
“A Nonfiction Marriage,” by Jonathan Van Meter
May 4

The New Yorker
“Man of Extremes,” by Dana Goodyear
October 26

Vanity Fair
“The Man in the Rockefeller Suit,” by Mark Seal

Vanity Fair
“Marc Dreier’s Crime of Destiny,” by Brian Burrough

National Geographic
“Top Ten State Fair Joys,” by Garrison Keillor

The New York Times Magazine
“A Journey Through Darkness,” by Daphne Merkin
May 10

The New York Times Magazine
“Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch,” by Michael Pollan
August 2

“Out West,” by Joe Wilkins

Sports Illustrated
“And Yet . . . ,” by Mitch Albom
January 12

Columns and Commentary
The Atlantic
For three columns by Megan McArdle
“Sink and Swim,” June; “Misleading Indicator,” November; “Lead Us Not Into Debt,” December

The Economist
For three “Obituary” columns by Ann Wroe
“Danny La Rue,” June 13; “Benson,” August 15; “William Safire,” October 3

For three columns by Fareed Zakaria
“Obama’s Vietnam,” February 9; “The Way Out of Afghanistan,” September 21; “Theocracy and Its Discontents,” June 29

Popular Science
For three “Gray Matter” columns by Theodore Gray
“The Other White Heat.” May; “Gone in a Flash,” September; “Flash Bang,” October

Travel + Leisure
For three columns by Peter Jon Lindberg
“In Defense of Tourism,” January; “Unhappy to Serve You,” September; “Stop the Music!” November

Reviews and Criticism
For three reviews by Tom Carson
“The Great White Hype,” May; “One Glorious ‘Basterd,’” September; “There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute,” November

Harper’s Magazine
For two reviews by Jonathan Dee
“Suburban Ghetto,” April; “Motherless Children,” September

Los Angeles
For two reviews by Steve Erickson: “The Next Frontier,” January; “War Games,” July
For a review by Steve Erickson: “No Ordinary Fad,” September

The New Yorker
For three reviews by Elizabeth Kolbert
“Green Like Me,” August 31; “Flesh of Your Flesh,” November 9; “Hosed,” November 16

For three reviews by Rachael Maddux
“Cold Bore,” July; “Brandi, (You’re a Fine Girl),” September; “Just Peachy,” December 2009/January 2010