Random thoughts on media and journalism

  • Funny how the two worlds I am involved in (rap & journalism) couldn’t care less about each other. I go to post on Twitter or Facebook or here and think, does Raekwon (or that demographic) really care about shield laws? Or, does Bill Keller (or that demographic) really care about the Beans/Jay beef? Who is their audience? Who is my audience? And that doesn’t even bring in the dayjob/porn factor…
  • It’s refreshing to hear magazine owners and editors talk about struggles right now. Everyone is talking about the elephant in the room but pretending it’s not in their room.
  • Is my journo prof dumbing down, selling out, or just being a realist? Or is that really determined the professor delivers the information?
  • Newspapers traditionally report the news, while magazines analyze the information. Once magazines are lost, do we also lose the analytical aspect of reporting because of the immediacy of online? No one wants to read long-form online.