Shield Law

Obama at Odds With Senate Allies Over Shield Law

I don’t exactly know why I am so fascinated by this. I guess in some ways it’s because of my field, although as of now I can’t really see this becoming an issue for me personally. (As of now, I doubt the likelihood of someone asking me to turn over my notes from the interview with Ghostface.)

I do see it as another threat to media in general though. Between the shortsightedness of media to prepare for a world gone digital, combined with the free-fall economy taking the legs out from underneath industry, this has left companies barely able to function, let alone do good journalism (print and online “news” is becoming about as journalistically deep as the evening news, and are on the cusp of being readers of information as opposed to bastions of journalism) or investigative journalism.

All this coupled with such a crucial time for us historically, having left an administation shrouded in lies and secrecy and ushered into a period of time of “hope” (the jury is still out on the “change”), makes it seem more imperative than ever the need for transparency. (Granted, all times and all situations seem ripe for transparency.) But this isn’t the Bush era where we begrudgingly know there is going to be a scaling back of freedoms, this is supposed to be a time of restoration. Of laws, hopes, promises. So it’s the reason I’m interested and disheartened by this.

Not only is Obama conceding to precidents his predessors set, not only is he going back on his word, he is making it more difficult for the people he represents to know. To know the truth.

Sad. Both as a journalist and as a citizen.