WTF Freelance

So I have introduced myself, or been introduced to, people from these outlets.
And have had zero response, save for the South Philly Review where I got a response about a 10 – 15 hour a week non-paid internship where I could possibly be rewarded with, “The ultimate goal is a bylined story for the intern…” Awesome.

  • Philadelphia Daily News
  • Metro
  • City Paper (this one I might of botched)
  • Philadelphia Weekly
  • Star weekly papers
  • South Philly Review (see above)

George tried to give me a little boost, saying something about it being the end of summer.


Back in April when I was looking to freelance, I reached out to a bunch of magazines.
Same response.


Everyone thinks because of my experience and how I write, getting work would be easy.
I can’t even get in the door to be rejected.

Bitching? Whining?

Oh well.