Updates and Redesign

So as you can tell, the team at typeofwords.com (aka: me) decided it was time for a little housecleaning and updating. This led to a new layout for the site. I really wanted to get rid of the bells, whistles and distractions to really take a simplified, minimal approach.

I went through the site to update sections, as well as make it easier to read. Man, some of it was ugly…

One result is the conclusion that using the site to house certain things is no longer a smart or efficient way of handling things. While the blog remains, it will serve more as an archive than the main home for content.

Instead, Instagram will serve as the outlet for photos, Medium the platform for writing, Tumblr as the place for random videos, photos, music, musings and oddities I come across and Twitter as a megaphone for random thoughts or interesting things to pass along.

I hope this isn’t too annoying, but hey, it is 2016.

Plus, all links to the above are always on the front page of this website.