So apparently, I have been going to and seeing a bunch of movies with all this new found free time. (Side note: we are doing an issue, so it may get get busy again for a minute…) Over the past week or so.

I thought I would do a brief recap.

The Cove

How could you not want to see a movie that was tagged as, “A cross between Bourne Identity and Flipper”? Someone else thought it was a mockumentary, but in reality it’s a straight documentary. I thought it was pretty good. Pretty crazy. The lengths the Japanese go to to continue a practice of unnecessary dolphin slaughtering, and the lengths the film maker and crew went to uncover it. In the end, you still walk away thinking, “Sucks, but seems sort of low on the priority list.” Sorry.

Inglourious Basterds

Definitely not Tarantino’s best, but still really fucking good. Didn’t even realize it’s 2.5 hours long. Not nearly as bloody (I did say as bloody. There’s still a good amount of gratuitous, over the top, bloodshed.)  as all his other movies. Some pretty classic scenes, and Brad Pitt does the whole, not-a-ton-of-dialog-but-still-delivers thing.

The Soloist

I liked. Like Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx, and the story was good and well acted, if not a little sappy, but it did make me want to pick up the book. It struck a chord with the whole “journalism can make a difference/ change lives” thing. In today’s economy and state of media, I will take a little juice where I can get it.

Fixer: The Taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi

Wow. Powerful. Makes you look at and think about war and war reporting in a new light and with a whole new respect. Humanizes Afghanis. Very interesting look inside a foreign correspondent’s process for gathering information, doing interviews, etc. Again, provided a little journalistic fire. Unfortunate it has to come from such a sad place.

The Trials of Ted Haggard

I guess I would say worth watching, considering at the end I felt empathy for a homophobic, philandering meth-head. Haggard seemed pretty contrite and blamed himself, while still admitting attraction to guys. The film made him kind of… human. Go figure.