Action Bronson- Saaab Stories

It has been a grip of years since I actually paid for music. I don’t really even use torrents, but for years it was nothing but mixtapes and when I was over that I listen to streams or free music or Pandora. The last album I purchased was Roc Marciano‘s Marcberg. (Money well spent.)

A few days ago, one of the few recent rappers I have really been feeling (no Jason Collins) has been Action Bronson. He is relatively new, at least to the masses, but I have been rocking him a lot over the past few months. I won’t claim that I was early on the bandwagon. In fact, I was pretty late. It took me forever to get over his voice and the obvious Ghostface comparisons. My boy was championing dude so I listened. And kept listening. And one day it seemed as if I no longer heard or saw or understood the Ghostface comparisons. Yeah, I get it. But I think Bronson is in a totally different lane. Sure the voices are similar, but Bronson definitely is doing his own thing. On his early mixtapes when he was rocking with J-Love, he was on his grimy NY ish. But then he seemed to find his own lane and hasn’t stopped since. He always teams up with great producers who are still somewhat on the low (Party Supplies, Harry Fraud) or established (Statik Selektah, Alchemist) and drops great mixtapes.

I mean, how can you complain about a dude who drops a mixtape with this cover:


And this video?

Earlier this week he dropped Saaab Stories produced by Harry Fraud, and I dropped 6 bones on it.


Strictly For My Jeeps is fucking great. Seven Series Triplets with Prodigy and Raekwon is hard. But my favorite track is probably The Rockers with Wiz Khalifa. It makes me want to hop in a car with this weather we have been having, with the windows down, this track on blast, and just cruise… (Luckily, Chevy is throwing us a new Suburban to roll around in for a week, so best believe I am going to make this happen.)

He had dropped a crazy video for Strictly For My Jeeps a few weeks ago, flipping EPMD’s Rampage. (Show of hands who copped Strictly Business when it dropped and let the tape rock till the tape popped? Keep your hands up if you knew there was no way that was really Uncle L behind the curtain in the video.  I see you…)

I mean the track starts off with the line, “Shit on my chest, shoot colors like a Care Bear…”

Well worth it.

Anyway, glad I am going to see Bronson tomorrow night with Joey Bada$$ and Big K.R.I.T..