Am I Experienced? No.

Or at least I wasn’t. As far as Jimi Hendrix.

I made a comment on Facebook that “Jimi Hendrix is really, really, fucking good.” I was watching The Watchmen the other night and not surprisingly they use Hendrix’s All Along the Watchtower.

As expected, the comment drew the understandable response, that could be summed up in these two words: no shit.

Had I heard him? Of course. But I don’t think I had ever really listened to him. So I decided to really spend time with his catalog, paying attention, and I am fucking blown away.

Here is one of the things/flaws about me. I naturally shun things I feel like I “should” like or that is cool/hip/trendy/subversive. My rule of thumb is any artist (musician, author, etc.) that is soldĀ at places like Urban Outfitters or that the mainstream crowns as so underground it is cool, I avoid. It’s sad because I realize it keeps me away from a lot of quality music and lit (ex: Hendrix, and I have never read ANY of the Beats like Kerouac), but I have to work REALLY hard to overcome my prejudicial abhorring. It usually takes years. Or decades.

The good thing is the older I get the less I care what people think. (So I don’t care if people judge me for what I have or haven’t listened to or read or watched.) Getting me not to care has just been a longer process.

Its sort of like my judging books by their cover shortcoming. Yes, I realize how sad/fucked up/wrong/______ that is. I am the first to acknowledge it. But at least I’m not trying to fraud and pretend it’s otherwise.

I’m sure most people miss some of the classics throughout their life in some shape form or fashion. This is just one of mine. Part of what I am trying to do while I am here in Paris, in addition to soaking in the city, is to take the time that I can never seem to find back home to catch up on these classics. So bear with me. Or don’t.

So being the good sheep that I am, I asked people on FB for suggestions where to start, as far as my Hendrix education.

Here is what the profs told me to study:

If 6 Was 9 is probably my favorite so far, but I am blown away. He makes me want to stab myself in my eye he is so good. I can’t imagine being a kid and hearing Hendrix play guitar. It seems like it would be equal parts inspiration and equal parts “what’s the point?” Props to those who picked up a guitar regardless.

Thanks to all for their help.