Benefit for DJ Too Tuff

If you know any rap history, you know the Tuff Crew.
If you know anything about DJing you know about DJ Too Tuff.


DJ Too Tuff, a/k/a the Deuce Ace Detonator, is considered a forefather of the Turntablist movement, because of several dynamic DJ tracks on the group’s albums. Dj Z-Trip, DJ Shadow and other New School DJs credit DJ Too Tuff for inspiring their style and music.

Good dude, life keeps showing up for dude.
Currently locked up and recently diagnosed with cancer, there’s an upcoming benefit that Philly should support. The line-up looks a little weaksauce, but at least they are trying to help dude out which is more than I am doing.


Anyone who wants to write Too Tuff:

Joe Hicks
House of Corrections
8001 State Road
Philadelphia, PA 19136

Last time I saw him was a year ago at the first Philly DJ Day.
Get well and come home kid.