Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa- Scaling The Building (prod. by Ski Beatz)

Wiz is one of my favorites.
I think I was on hiatus when Kush & Orange Juice dropped.
(Did 24 Hour Karate School ever drop…?!?!?)
One of my alltime faves.
And I like Curren$y more and more as I listen to him.

I have a funny Curren$y story too.
We were doing an issue and I said I wanted to interview him. Brian said he got a hold of dude and we were at a David Banner/DJ Skee show at the Bowery in NYC. I’m watching D.Banner tear it down and Brian says, “Yo, Curren$y is here, let’s rap to him.” So I go back and it’s him and his people. I don;t recognize him, but it’s dark in the venue. I congratulate him on Flight School and he doesn’t really respond. Whatever. Info is exchanged. I get an email from his manager asking about the interview, when we can do it, photos, etc. And he mentions that the dude we were talking to was Currently or some shit, and not Curren$y. Magazine owner FAIL. I had to diplomatically brush him off without offending him or his never heard of before artist. It did explain all the sideways looks I got from him and his people when I congratulated him on a mixtape he didn’t do.