Exhibit C

The full version.Finally dropped on iTunes a minute ago.

Wish Just Bleezy would have kept his mixtape DJ-esque mouth shut up. It’s akin to the swagger-jacking/scene stealing/moment ruining epic that Lil Mama pulled on Jay and Alicia.

The way I describe this song to people is always the same.

It is so good it makes me want to cry and punch myself in the face at the same time.
I have gone entire 8 hours days at work, listening to this track on repeat.

In any event, Jay had this to say:

I made this because i have loved Michael Jackson all of my life. All of my memories from about 5 years old or so (which is about as far back as i remember with some ease) can be tied to or associated with or landmarked by some musical contribution of Michael Jackson at that time. From then, all the way to now. He is a dark fingerprint on a very large part of who I am and who most of the people I know personally are. And thats why i posted this picture along with this song. The response to this song is amazing, and overwhelming and i appreciate all of the love and support it is recieving from everywhere. And i dedicate all of this positive energy toward a Great Hero of mine (although not perfect) who has performed many miracles in his physical life and who has and will be for many moons continue to be a glowing light in the dark for those who see something better inside of themselves and have the will and desire to pursue it. Evolution. May our good works be recorded and duplicated, and may our sins be recorded and forgiven. Amen.

I sorta dug the uber-slow widening of a great Michael Jackson pic. But as Commie Eddie pointed out, the song has nothing to do with MiKeJack.