Exhibit K (Mohamed Said): Humble The Poet with Sikh Knowledge & Selena Dhillon

So I couldn’t really fux with any of the remixes of Jay Electronica’s Exhibit C. I know this may sound corny, but it just seemed blasphemous. It would be like people rewriting the Bible to try and get shine, rising the coattails of an already historic and flawless creation. (Yes I am well aware the bible has been rewritten hundreds or thousands of times to suit a particular person(s) or group(s) interest, but you get my point.) You just look trife and are setting yourself up for failure before you even begin.

Having said this, I stumbled across this video on the interwebs, and I like it. I’m not sure if it is because for a simple vid, it’s well shot and edited, because the rappers are Sikhs and that intrigues me, the fact the song isn’t that bad, or that I think the girl is cute.