So I started out wanting to go to the Ghostface show.

Then I wanted to go to the Ghostface show for free.

I kept hitting up the people at Def Jam to get on the list and it occurred to me that in a recent interview, Ghost said he had only been to the Def Jam offices two or three times the whole time he has been signed there. Plus, I remember when I was trying to line up an interview with Juelz, that Def Jam was telling me that they didn’t know how to get in contact with him. The Dips are known for switching management like I change underwear (a few times a year), but it seemed crazy they couldn’t get in touch with their own artist. I think once I lined up the interview, I might of even hit up Def Jam to give them Juelz’s PR chic’s math. In any event…

Then I wanted to meet Ghost.

It occured to me that J-Love might be DJing, and thought that a Ghost + J-Love interview for the next issue would be dope and give me some leverage, so I hit J-Love with the idea. He was with it, talked to Ghost and we were good to go.

So the show was last night and in typical rapper form, be there at 9, we will do the interview before the show, turns into standing there for two hours, no time before the show, we will do it after. (What this usually turns into is rapper X is too tired/left/we will do it another time.) So me and Sean (sorry Tom) are at the backdoor to the venue with J-Love, Ghost and entourage. Security is patting down people and I hear the typical request.

“Guys, if you have any firearms on you, you are going to have to leave them back on the (tour) bus.”

A few people got out of line and headed back to the bus.
From there we are stuffed into a hallway staging area. Ghost, J-Love, entourage, me and Sean. J-Love jumps on the tables, Ghost runs out already on level 100, crowd goes bonkers, and we take sidestage, me taking pics, Sean filming. Watching shows from that perspective never gets old. Seeing what the artist sees, seeing how the entire place rocks with him, mouths every word, feeding off the energy, you can see how that shit is magical and enticing. Ghost TORE through his catalog, and that was that.
Post show, Ghost signed autographs, and titties, and then back to the bus. Much to my surprise, I was able to get the interview. Somehow I ended up on the bus. Somehow I ended up in the back of the bus. Somehow I ended up in the bedroom-esque suite in the back of the bus with just me, Ghostface and his woman who spent the time massaging his feet. I knew dude was tired and trying to get outta there, but every time I kept trying to be polite and rap up, he kept telling me I could ask more questions and take more time. Full details will be in the next issue, but I have to say meeting one of my favorite rappers of all time was not a disappointment. Dude was not giving canned answers, was not rushing me, was not on some typical rapper bullshit. Granted, I was only with him for a half hour or whatever, but I didn’t get the sense he was playing the role on any level, which I definitely get with most people I interview.

It was a crazy experience.

There’s a few standout moments that owning a rap magazine really has its perks.

This was definitely one of those nights.