Harder Than Holdin Work

You already know I am a fan of S.T.S..
I was glad I got to do a profile of him for JUMP.
Criminally under-appreciated.


Bumped into Slim getting on the train the other day and was good to chop it up with him. He and Bear One did a show for JUMP a few weeks back at the Hard Rock Cafe with Reef the Lost Cauze and things got a little hectic, so I didn’t get a chance to really see what he’s up to. I was glad to find out he has a few projects he is about to drop and first up is Harder Than Holdin Work.


About a month ago he had dropped Hell Wrong. One of the things that I think makes Slim stand out as an MC is that he can rap over monster beats, but not get lost or overshadowed by them. This Khari “Ferrari” Mateen produced track is a good example.


Another great example is the timely Heart On My Sleeve (also produced by Khari). This was Slim’s response to the Barney’s controversy. (Jay Z’s response was to continue to launch his Barney’s NY Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter Collection for the holidays, complete with a $695 ski mask and $58,000 crocodile jacket.)

“The meaning behind the song is that I love shopping so much it’s like a disease (oniomania) that I ended up shopping when I didn’t need to. And to top it off, we as black folks still gotta deal with racism as if we can’t afford stuff at Barney’s. It breaks my heart, cause I was a big Barney’s shopper.”
– S.T.S.