Jay-Z's Blueprint (pleas)3

Just listened, beginning to end.
Listen here

At first I thought it was straight garbage, possible worse than Kingdom Come. I think I was put off by the first 2 tracks, What We Talking About and Thank You. They sort of ruined it. A few tracks came close to making up for the bad tracks, but in the end, they couldn’t.

And the cover is horrifical. On some hipster bullshit.

Jay-z Blueprint3

Swift hit me up the other night about it:

B)Swift(y): Which album was better reasonible doubt or bp3?

These guys(artists) get rich, and forget where they came from, then forget what it took to make the first album.
The hunger, and struggle

Now there confused and believe there Ikons and don’t have to work as hard anymore.

Concert for fire fighters and police officers(publicity).
How bout raising money for kids and families of marcy projects,
Can he get the roaches out the closet. Yet he can walk oprah thru the projects(publicty) that’s cool.
But what about the people living today. Owell just my opinion, but its a realty. We can keep our mouths shut and not move forward. Where is the next Jay Z, we need a change.
Chris Malo- Foundation Magazine: Real rap Swifty.
B)Swift(y): Lmao, I just caught massive email of drama for saying, I was dissapointed
Chris Malo- Foundation Magazine: You caught shit for saying that?
B)Swift(y): Yep a lot of it
Chris Malo- Foundation Magazine: Fucked up
Chris Malo- Foundation Magazine: I think one of the worst things about rap is that if you criticize, you’re a hater.
Chris Malo- Foundation Magazine: If Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt era heard some cat saying the shit he’s saying today, he wouldn’t be feelin him.
B)Swift(y): 100 precent correct

This was before I heard it. Now I have heard it. I wasn’t listening to all the leaks too much.
Here’s some other thought’s:

  • Empire State of Mind: Nice nod to Nas. Ms. Keys is amazing. The thing I liked about this track was Jay’s flow and what he was doing with the words, the way he was pronouncing them. Can’t think of another track he has done this on.
  • On To the Next One: Good commercially bouncy track. I guess.
  • A Star Is Born: Just liked him giving a nod to to others in the game. Plus it makes sense to bring out his newest artist on the track. Not mad at J. Coles.
  • Venus vs. Mars: lyrically and rhyme scheme, best song, hands down. Just wish it wasn’t on a track about the difference between guys and girls.

The album just seems experimental, somewhere between rap-rock-hipster. I guess it’s fine to “progress” and experiment, and come out the box, but it doesn’t mean it’s good, or what people want to hear.