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JUMP Philly Magazine

So I had mentioned before that my friend George was starting up a magazine about the music scene in Philly called JUMP. It covers all genres across the boards and all things music related. I don’t know if he necessarily wanted this, but I wanted to be more hands on and involved but that whole living in Paris thing made that a little difficult. But he pulled it off regardless. Homeboy worked his ass off, put up the money and got a bunch of people to knock out the content.

The premier issue dropped last Friday and from what I can tell it looks really good. I am looking forward to getting back to Philly tomorrow and getting my hands on copies. They will be distributed at stores, shops, venues etc. for free around the city.

• Record Store Round Up: aka music, Long in the Tooth, Tequila Sunrise, Repo Records and Beautiful World Syndicate.
• Singer/ songwriter Mike Onufrak writes about performing in Philly.
• Chris Malo, former editor of Foundation, writes about meeting Ghostface Killah.
• Lauren Gordon meets the creative crew at the Dining Room Studio.
• Megan Matuzak tours Bill Moriarty’s new studio.
• Creeping Weeds makes undefinable music.
• Tom Mates tracks down Larry West, the former “Punk Rock Candidate” for mayor.
• Q&A: The guys from Valencia talk about why they love Philly.
• Q&A: Cosmo Baker was destined to be a DJ.
• Q&A: Orrin Evans talks about the Philly jazz scene.
• COVER STORY: Colin Kerrigan follows the guys from Sun Airway as they get a shave and have a smoke.
• COVER STORY: G.W. Miller III learns about the transformation of Freeway, the hard-working, hard-rhyming, globetrotting rapper from Philly.
• Ali White is following the musical path of big sis Santigold.
• JJ Tiziou is more than a photographer. He’s part of the dance scene.
• Kate Foust is very lady-like.
• The Jamaican Jerk Hut is loved by all – except some wealthy new neighbors who don’t want to hear the live music the restaurant features.
• Kelsey Doenges lives out her 6th grade fantasy: she meets the guys from Guster.
• Plus stories from our content partners at two.one.five, Rhyme Street and Modern Bropar.

I did a piece about when I interviewed Ghostface at the Troc.

My man Mike O. did a piece about a live performance gig.

If you need a copy, hit me up.

If you want to get involved, email JUMP.

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If you come across a copy, let me know what you think. Good or bad. All suggestions are welcome.

It’s your city, your music, your scene. Get involved.