New Wiz Khalifa mixtape

So this dudes people have been hitting me up for a year or two to get him in the magazine. I have to be honest. I never listened to the music, let alone his people. I’m sure you can guess the amount of email that comes in of people trying to get in the mag. I was a little interested because he hails from the other side of Pennsyltucky, but I never got around to listen.


But then he dropped this, and to illustrate the importance of a good mixtape cover and name, it got my attention. And I fux with this.


01. B.A.R.
02. Gettin’ Up
03. Take Yo Bitch (feat. NeakO & Young Jerz)
04. The Thrill
05. One Way
06. Miles
07. If I Were A Lame
08. Meet New People
09. Weekend (feat. NeakO)
10. Young Khalifa
11. Knock U Down
12. On Tha Pill
13. When U Find
14. Mafia Music (Remix)
15. Say U Will
16. Timeless
17. Won’t Land
18. Ode To Naked Pop Stars
19. All My Life Freestyle
20. Great To Be There (Outro)