Pill x NYC

I fucks with Pill. Hard.
I bet I listen to Trap Goin’ Ham and Glass 15 -20 times a day, and have gotten a few people at the office into him.
He was up in NYC last week for the CMJs, and since I couldn’t make it I had to wait for it to hit the interwebs. He made out good at the performances, considering what happened to his Southern bredren. OJ was booed off the stage, and a fan jumped on stage with Donnis and swung on his manager, before receiving some Southern hospitality…

Here’s his performance:

Here’s an interview with Slay. You could tell Slay was a little suspect and not sure if he was feeling Pill, but still broke him off with some knowledge. You can still tell he wasn’t sure. But the exposure was def a good look from the Pink House representative.

Here’s Pill droppin by Green Lantern’s (radio) house:

Another NYC show: