Roc Marciano

I had heard about this dude a while back. His Marcberg mixtape got a lot of buzz in 2010, but for whatever reason (I was living in Paris?), I never checked it out. A few days ago, the video for Emerealds dropped, I checked it out, and was blown away.

It’s such a gritty, mid-90s, New York feel. From the voice to the beat to the lyrics. It made me check out that mixtape, and I am kicking myself for not paying attention sooner. The whole thing is definitely on point, but there were two tracks that stood out extra.

Panic sounds like some grimey Wu beat, and reminds me of some early Smif-n-Wessun:


Don Shit is just straight bananas if you came up in rap’s Golden Era like I did:

I am committed to learning the lyrics. There is a rumor of a video out there of me rocking out to this. Text me if you wanna see…

Anyway, I actually went and bought the mixtape. I have NO idea when the last time I paid for an album, let alone bought a mixtape. If anyone buys it and it disappointed by it, I will give you ten bucks.