The Moth / First Person Arts

So while listening to This American Life, more than a few times they have featured a story from The Moth in NYC. They have some pretty random people, telling some pretty funny, witty and interesting first-person stories. The idea is basically an open mic for storytelling. It’s (sadly) somewhat reminiscent of slams with voting and competition (which is pretty fucking silly if you ask me…) but there’s a part of me that wants to do it. Try it. Sort of like my secret plan to try stand-up. I thought storytelling would be a way to ease into it.

Here in Philadelphia there is the First Person Arts. Same idea, different location, and probably a significantly lower percentage of celebrities, writers and artists dropping by to share. But oh well. And unfortunately it looks pretty stuffy and intellectual. Ugh.

I think I will try them both. I have been writing, or keeping, material for stand-up for years. Just have to get the balls to do it. Funny how with all the things I have done and been through, standing in front of a room of people that I don’t know, talking, seems so difficult. I have done it hundreds of times, in various arenas, yet… I should give my punk-ass a deadline.