So when we got to Marseilles, we were all a little worn out and spent from the ride and felt like we deserved a nice meal. We had had some good ones, but no out of this world experience that we were all looking for.

After Ernest’s pick/pig suckling fiasco back in Paris, he was looking for redemption. He got it when he picked Le Cafe des Arts. We ended up eating there two nights in a row.

The first night as we sauntered down th street looking for a place to eat, we were at first invited in by a man in a white jacket who turned out to be the chef. As we placed our order, we were situated near the open grill area where we could actually see him preparing the food. He was clearly an intriguing sort of character, so we just started throwing all these things out there about him and his life. And I actually started jotting things down.

First things first, we guessed his name was Jean-Luc.

Here’s the rest:

  • has wife
  • 2 mistresses
  • one older (spanish/italian)
  • one younger (blonde, french)
  • 3 sons
  • 1 gay, mongrel brother
  • Porshe Cayenne SUV
  • Restaurant loft
  • big cock
  • talks on cell while cooking
  • leopard print glasses
  • CK briefs/g-string underwear
  • CK loafers
  • spotless white cooking jacket
  • gambling debts (ponies)
  • dogs:
    toy yorkie and/or rhodesian ridgebacks (whose ridge compliments his ponytail)
  • into archery. big time. expensive bows.
  • mixes drinks
  • smokes $45 cadrones
  • drinks red wine & johnny walker blue
  • could eff your girl and not only would you not be mad, but you would understand
  • owns small but nice boat with sail
  • country home with white stallions
  • gardens/grows his own herbs
  • owns a pagan approved Harley-Davidson
  • one son is an addict
  • painting
    it’s his true passion… but couldn’t make living from. Turned to cooking as an artisian expression
  • his food tastes like fire
  • raised on a farm
  • no culinary school. art school?
  • no tshirt. bare breasted.
  • one true love is his older mistress… but he has loved them all.
  • retires to Italy
  • dies in his mid 80’s in excellent shape and health
  • Jean-Luc chops his own firewood
  • did all the paintings in the restaurant
  • Jean-Luc allows photos (but not with his glasses on)
  • has one illegitimate daughter
  • plays spanish guitar
  • collects old books
  • collects religious art
  • addict son has afrikan girlfriend
  • has a woman in Corsica he takes his boat to see
  • makes son wash his Porsche daily
  • grinds his own ice
  • wife has same leopard print glasses
  • stomps his own grapes for wine

The man.
The myth.
The legend.